Global Passport: Help a child in your community go global.

Global Passport is a sponsorship program created to benefit underprivileged children in the community. Your sponsorship helps kids build life skills that are necessary for success in society. Children gain exposure to cultures that are outside of their normal experiences. As a partner of Green with ENVI, GG’s Global Dance & Arts will also help sponsored children to Think Green.

Give a life-changing gift that can impact a child’s conception of society, the world, and their personal identity. Sponsor tomorrow's leaders to be responsible citizens that inherit the Earth with wisdom and strength.

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Green with ENVI

The Green with Envi movement is dedicated to helping children Go Global by teaching them the importance of Going Green. Help a child learn about the fragile beauty of our world, and invest in their future by helping them to build a better tommorrow for all of us.

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Grace & Groove: Empowering young women.

Our Grace & Groove program is designed to empower young women through a series of etiquette classes. By spreading a message of acceptance, social awareness, and integrity, young Grace & Groove Goddesses are taught the importance of transformation, both on a personal and societal level.

Topics include bully resolution, building self-esteem, effective communication habits, mind and body health, and special needs awareness.


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